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Endorse your trailer/trucks safety and operations efficiency by adding extra 4 eyes to your drivers facilitating optimal vision around your vehicles. Road drivers, labor & obstacles are always surrounding the trailer/truck in areas that are not visible to the driver, these areas called blind spots, which would be of a great threat on the driver, trailer and road users' safety. Vision 360° puts all the blind spots of the trailer/truck into a clear vision. The monitor allows the driver to see front, back and both sides of the trailer/truck increasing operation efficiency.


  • Safety
  • Visibility
  • Efficiency
  • Truck surrounding space utilization


  • Blind spots
  • Damages
  • Accidents
  • Driver fatigue

Vision 360° - Trailer

Vision 360°

Left  view

Right  view

Reverse  view



Fleet safety involves a number of often-complex processes: monitoring drivers, safety training, reward/penalty programs, and capturing and tracking data. Our innovative solutions are the foundation of any successful fleet safety program.

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